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?> Artisanal vs. industrial cachaça

Understand the differences between alembic cachaça (craft cachaça) and column (industrial cachaças)

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?> The types of cachaça

Understand more about how cachaça is regulated in Brazil and when can we name it as Prata, Ouro, Premium, Extra-Premium.

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?> Cachaça 51 faz placement no seriado Two and a Half Men

Cachaça 51 fez aparições em dois episódios na última temporada do seriado Two and a Half Men. A bebida já havia aparecido em The Big Bang Theory.

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?> Differences between Artisanal and Industrial Cachaça

Different methods of production result in different beverages. Learn more about the difference between industrial and artisanal cachaca.

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?> The Synonyms of Cachaça

The creativity of the Brazilian people created hundreds of synonyms for cachaca. Help us map all of the different words used to refer to the national distillate.

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?> The History of Cachaça

If we remember that the first distillation of cachaca was made in 1532, we can conclude that the history of cachaça is tightly tied to the history of this marvelous country, Brazil.

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?> 13th of September: National Day of Cachaça

Learn more about one of Brazilian’s most important Independence Movements against Portugal called Revolta da Cachaça – the spirit was a symbol of resistance against Portuguese domination.

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?> The differences between Rum and Cachaça

In spite of having a similar “DNA”, rum and cachaca are distilled with great differences in production, in the origins, and also in their flavors.

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