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Cachaça 51 and The Big Band Theory

19 de 05 de 2013

Cachaça 51 no The Big Bang Theory

With the recognition of cachaça as a typically Brazilian product by the United States and the optimism regarding the increase in exports of the product abroad, the major brands of the sugar cane spirit started to create marketing strategies already widely used by other spirits worldwide: the insertion and brand interaction with movies and TV series.

Martini James Bond

Martini – shaken not stirred

The most recent success was the inclusion of the brand [cachaca id = “3767”] Cachaça 51 [/ cachaca] in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

During this week, it was widely reported in the social networks and specialist vehicles the new campaign of Muller Co., producer of cachaça 51. The action resumes on the inclusion of the cachaça 51 bottle in the house of the character Penny, a young barista in the series. The scene can be viewed in episode 21 of the sixth season of the sitcom, titled “The Alternative Closure”.

The cachaça´s bottle comes in three different scenes in the kitchen of the character and there is no interaction with the brand. In the next marketing investment, it would be interesting to see, for example, Penny preparing a Caipirinha with cachaça and helping to spread these two typically Brazilian products.

The initiative of [cachaca id = “3767”] Cachaça 51 [/ cachaca] is favorable for the moment the sector is going thought. The approach of a product exclusively Brazilian, who out there has won sympathy for the factor made ​​in Brazil, with the hit TV show like The Big Bang Theory, helps publicize the name cachaça in a young market in search of a new distilled, the paper took over by tequila and vodka in the U.S. in the past decades.

This was an action that the entire sector can benefit. Pretty soon everyone will learn how to speak: KA-SHA-SA


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